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alle Tage im Überblick Projekte A-Z Künstler und Sprecher Öffnungszeiten

Donnerstag, 31.8. Freitag, 1.9. Samstag, 2.9. Sonntag, 3.9. Montag, 4.9. Dienstag, 5.9.

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posted by  Cornelia Sulzbacher  09:15:00

Photographs of the 2006 Festival

Equilibrium<br><br><br>© Media Arsonists

At the Ars Electronica picture archive, you can now view and download great shots of this year's Festival. Click it on and check it ...

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posted by  Beta Lounge Artists   18:30:00

Media lab thanks!

From the monastery..© Miikka Junnila

The show is getting closer to it's end, only half an hour to go. All in all, it's been a good week, the Beta Lounge Exhibition has had lots of visitors and some people have even given feedback on the works and shown interest in general. It's also always interesting to observe people using the interactive works, one learns much about usability issues and ...

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posted by  Beta Lounge Artists   16:00:00

Ars Electronica Center

It might be obvious to some, but with all the activities all around the city, one still should not forget to visit the Ars Electronica Centre. Very cool stuff there, one (at least kids) can try flying over a city much like a bird for example. And there are every nice virtual avatars in boxes that you can plug to different machines and transfer the creatures there. Go ...

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posted by  Cornelia Sulzbacher  09:15:00

FM4 Live from Ars Electronica in Linz

The Brucknerhaus in Linz will serve as a broadcast studio for radio station FM4 September 1-3.

FM4 will accompany Ars’ digital investigations this year even more intensively than in the past: the station is setting up a full-blown remote location in the electrolobby to deliver three full afternoons of on-site, on-the-air reportage. Gerlinde Lang will moderate ...

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