Face à Face
CAVE Application


Louis Fleri (FR)
Catherine Ikam (FR)

Close-ups of real human faces provide the raw materials for this investigation of the emotional effects of virtual reality (VR).

The CAVE installation "Face à Face" enables users to get into those faces and the virtual characters behind them—VR clones based on real people, equipped with a full repertoire of human expressions.

The artists are exploring the concept of identity and artificiality, the notion of self and otherness in terms of the relationship between real space and the virtual word.

The point is to deal with the question of what kind of behavioral patterns do the artists have to impart to the characters in order to construct the illusion that they have autonomy, intentionality and the capacity to act?

Realized within the Ars Electronica Research & Residency Program 2000 supported by Institut Image ENSAM, Cluny.

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Face à Face
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