Francis Lam (CN)

Kitschy sunsets and birthday greetings featuring cliché inscriptions—we’re all familiar with the typical offerings of most e-card services. But now you can surprise your friends with electronic post of a totally different sort from “Nudemessenger”!

The background of Francis Lam’s project is the overwhelming amount of pornography on the Internet. Studies have concluded that 12% of all websites are of a pornographic nature, most of them showing naked women designed for a male audience. Only a very few such sites are oriented on women’s tastes, and most of the ones that sexually exploit men in this manner target homosexual users. At the same time, we’re bombarded daily with countless spam e-mails featuring pornographic content.

In “Nudemessenger,” Lam calls attention to this problem in a sarcastic, witty way. Visitors to this website can design animated e-cards from a huge selection of naked men—they dance, sit, stand, and fly (talking) balloons. You can arrange them in patterns or simply let them frolic across the screen.