VR Arena


Horst Hörtner (AT)
Andreas Jalsovec
Florian Berger (AT)
Friedrich Kirschner (DE)
Peter Freudling
Martin Bruner (AT)
Stefan Feldler (AT)
Erwin Reitböck (AT)
Christian Hemmelmeir
Matthias Witzany
Christian Schindler
Brigitte Wachtl
Alexander Keil
Michael Leonardelli
Katrin Unterreiner
Elfriede Iby
Michael Wohlfahrt
Andrea Wildburger
Bobby Tidmarsh
Franz Sattlecker
Wolfgang Kippes

Experience world-class, cutting-edge visuals! The VR Arena offers new insights into the digital world of virtual reality!

Ultra-high-resolution digital technologies, state-of-the-art 3D software and the latest techniques from the field of real-time computer graphics deliver incredibly realistic imagery—for example, visualizations of the breathtaking interiors of Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace. An amazing variety of content can be visualized and controlled in real time in virtual 3D environments.

At the heart of the VR Arena is technology developed at the Ars Electronica Futurelab: the ARSBOX, a projection-based virtual reality system that runs on commercially-available PC hardware. This breakthrough enabled Futurelab engineers to dispense with the extremely costly processor hardware required to run conventional systems delivering comparable performance.