u19 – freestyle computing
Showcase of Youthful Creativity


Nicoletta Blacher (AT)
Horst Hörtner (AT)
Stefan Schilcher (AT)
Iris Mayr (AT)
Gerlinde Pöschko
Christian Naglhofer (AT)
Rudolf Hanl (AT)
Christoph Scholz
Christine Pilsl (AT)
Leonhard Immervoll
Stefan Eibelwimmer (AT)
Stiliana Mitzeva
Barbara Egger
Scott Ritter (AT) (US)

“u19 – freestyle computing” is Austria’s largest computer competition for young people. Held annually in conjunction with the Prix Ars Electronica, u19 has established itself since its founding in 1998 as the link between the spirit of youthful creativity and our world’s high-tech future. Over the years, thousands of Austrians youngsters age 19 and under have taken part.

Now, for the first time, the Museum of the Future has set up interactive stations on the 1st Upper Level spotlighting the greatest hits of prior year’s competitions as well as the 2005 prizewinning works.

Entrants to u19 are encouraged to give free rein to their imaginations—it’s “freestyle computing,” just like the name says. Projects include Internet applications, websites, graphics, works of computer animation, sounds, homebrew software and hardware set-ups. The competition is open to youngsters up to age 19 with a fixed abode in Austria. And, indeed, kids nowadays are getting started earlier and earlier—the youngest participants are 4 years old!

The “Console” station is totally dedicated to the winners of the 2005 u19 – freestyle computing competition. There’s an array of playing cards—one for each of the 15 projects; flipping and turning them launches data visualizations, videos and animated shorts.

“The Wall of Fame” is modeled on a halfpipe and features a collage of the chief protagonists themselves—the up-and-coming young artists and inventors.

Kick back, relax and learn something: the “Best Of” info-lounge invites you to check out prizewinning works of computer animation from the u19 – freestyle computing archive. The laptops provided there let you surf amazing websites and try out cool games, and you can listen to electronic sounds on an MP3 player.

Further informations: www.u19.at