FESTO Robotic Arm


Gerhard Riegler (AT)
Markus Dreher (DE)
Manuel Grunz (DE)
Bernd Lorenz (DE)
Stefan Mittlböck-Jungwirth

Fingers, a hand and an arm that move as if they were human! Experience a fascinating example of leading-edge robotics technology at the Robolab in the Museum of the Future!

FESTO Corporation’s robotic arm combines pneumatic propulsion technology and an industrial control system in an unusual application. Its precise movements are the result of its so-called air muscles (fluid muscle MAS) that work in a smooth, jolt-free fashion just like a human muscle. The pneumatic hand is remote-controlled by an operator who inputs command signals via Internet. Its deployment can help minimize risks and dangers to human beings—for example, in salvage operations involving hazardous materials.

This pneumatic muscle system is also employed in the Humphrey II flight and diving simulator on the Intermediate Level of the Museum of the Future, in which it’s a key component of a force feedback apparatus that imparts a realistic feeling of flying and diving.