Smoke Tree


John Gerrard (IE)
Werner Pötzelberger
Jakob Edlbacher (AT)

Trees are givers of life. They cleanse the air and turn carbon dioxide into the oxygen we need to breathe. But what happens when trees are no longer able to carry out this essential task?

In southern Ireland near the artist’s home, an oak tree’s leaves suddenly cease producing oxygen and instead begin to give off carbon that enwraps the tree in a virtual fog. The mystical “Smoke Tree” enchants those who view it as John Gerrard’s real-time 3D installation changes its foggy shroud depending on the time of day.

3D production in collaboration with Werner Pötzelberger / Yama, Vienna
Display production : Jakob Edlbacher / Inseq PD, Vienna.
Images / Work appear courtesy of the artist and Hilger Contemporary Gallery, Vienna.

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