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datawork: man

'Richard Kriesche Richard Kriesche

within the context of the informational reordering of reality, the grand idea of the gesamtkunstwerk undergoes an artistic and sociopolitical reinterpretation in the concept
of a universal datawork.
the gesamtkunstwerk as an expression of consummate artistic perfection had as its aim—in an extension of the wagnerian interpretation—the unification of the senses melded together in the arts. in contrast to this conception—thanks to biogenetic findings and insights, and no thanks to the natural sciences’ segmentation and informational fractalization of mankind—the sociopolitical leitmotiv of the universal datawork and its claim to ascendancy in art theory aims at revealing shared bio-cosmic data structures, at the universal gestalt of all life.
in the universal datawork, the artistic process that sought in a state of formative perception to capture the world that can be rationally comprehended and experienced with the senses and to fix that world on the biomorphic level becomes its implicit object.
in the universal datawork, the gesamtkunstwerk achieves expression in the informational reality of the human being as datawork: man. datawork: man stands before the backdrop of this new human nature: an informational-biogenetic one. it is as a result thereof that the arts as we have come to know them have been suffering their loss of meaning. as bearers of meaning and significance, they, in antithesis to nature, are confronted by a universal paradigm shift, the consequence of which is that art does not emerge as a negation of nature but rather nature is a derivative of art.
from the insight that mankind is formed by the “nature” of information, datawork: man derives the universal task of forming the “nature” of information in a human-user-friendly way. in light of this claim, datawork: man applies the code of images to reality itself. code, understood as the binding key to the understanding of images, becomes the art of understanding reality, of creating, understanding and experiencing a world in and of itself and on its own terms …

Translated from the German by Mel Greenwald