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Projects currently at Runme.org (May, 2003)
algorithmic appreciation
Duff’s Device by Tom Duff / http://www.lysator.liu.se/c/duffs-device.html
algorithmic appreciation / non-code-related
Travesty Corporate PR InfoMixer by amy alexander / http://infomix.plagiarist.org/corp
artificial intelligence
AARON by Harold Cohen / http://crca.ucsd.edu/~hcohen/

Blog Bitch by Joe Petrow / http://www.joepetrow.com/?PAGE=blogbitch

connoisseur by gabor papp / http://www.inf.bme.hu/~rod/conn/

dramatic screensaver by Teo Spiller / http://runme.org/project/+dramatic/

MindGuard by Lyle Zapato / http://zapatopi.net/mindguard.html
artistic tool
Darkroom by Paul Andrews / http://art.gen.nz/darkroom
artistic tool / audiovisual
actionist respoke by michael janoschek & rüdiger schloemer / http://www.stromgasse.de/actionist

AGENTBEATS by Mikkel Bertelsen / http://agentbeats.net

AMEN by Neil Gavigan / http://www.trouble07.com/amen/main.htm

BitmapSequencer by Tom Betts / http://www.nullpointer.co.uk

Connector by ixi-software / http://www.ixi-software.net

EG SERENE by Barbara Lattanzi /

Gallery Music from Pictures by Lauri Gröhn / http://www.synestesia.com

MetaMix by Jason Freeman / http://metamix.jasonfreeman.net

MIDIPoet by Eugenio Tisselli / http://www.transit-lounge.com/vainasystems/midipeng/index.htm

P.A.N.S.E. by Pall Thayer /

Petrograph v.01 by Kurt Ralske / http://auv-i.de/Petrograph_in_action.mov

Picker by ixi-software / http://www.ixi-software.net

repercussion.org by Carla Diana / http://www.repercussion.org

Slicer by ixi-software / http://www.ixi-software.net

SONASPHERE by Nao Tokui / Karl Willis / http://www.naotokui.com/sonasphere/

Sound Room Composer by Rikard Lundstedt / http://space.tii.se/staff/rikard.lundstedt/SoundRoomComposer.htm

SoundField by Arthur Clemens / http://www.VisibleArea.com/downloads/

StockSynth by ixi-software / http://www.ixi-software.net

Yellowtail by Golan Levin / http://www.flong.com/yellowtail/
artistic tool / narrative
34 North 118 West by Jeremy Hight Jeff Knowlton Naomi Spellman / http://34n118w.net

Journeys by Greg Giannis / http://runme.org/project/+journeys/
artistic tool / useless
A/V Mixer by Eduardo Sousa / http://asseptic.org/pages/avmixer/
bots and agents
animal.pl by alex / http://lurk.org

Egobot by Philipp Lenssen / http://blog.outer-court.com/egobrowser/egobot.php

gogolchat by jimpunk & christophe bruno / http://www.iterature.com/gogolchat/

Googlism by Googlism.com / http://www.googlism.com

OuLiBOT by jo walsh / http://frot.org/oulibot/

theBot by Amy Alexander / http://thebot.plagiarist.org

UNMOVIE by Ax. Heide, Onesandzeros, Ph. Pocock, Gr. Stehle / http://www.unmovie.net
browser art
Anti-Capitalist Operating System by Together We Can Defeat Capitalism /

Babel by Simon Biggs / http://www.babel.uk.net/

Bork by Opera Software / http://runme.org/project/+bork/

Boxplorer by Andy Deck / http://artcontext.org/act/02/box/

firmament.to by Francis Hwang / http://firmament.to

NETARIUM by Haruka Kikuchi / http://www.hakava.org/netarium/

Re-reading the News by Myron Turner / http://www.room535.org/news/reading.html

Simple Sex Site Cyborg Link Harvester by Sintron / http://runme.org/project/+ssslh/

The Web Stalker by I/O/D / http://bak.spc.org/iod/iod4.html

ZNC browser by Peter Luining / http://znc.ctrlaltdel.org
code art / code poetry
.Re ___________________________(ad.htm by mez / http://www.hotkey.net.au/~netwurker/


Jabberwocky by Eric Andreychek / http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node_id=111157

Julu by Alan Sondheim / http://www.gu.edu.au/school/art/text/oct01/sondheim.htm

London.pl by William Blake (Graham Harwood) / http://www.scotoma.org/lungs/

pro][tean][.lapsing.txts by ][mez][ / http://www.hotkey.net.au/~netwurker/txts/
code art / minimal code
neverending search for highest number by trashconnection / http://content-type.trashconnection.com/
conceptual software
Acme::Module::Authors by Tatsuhiko Miyagawa /http://search.cpan.org/author/MIYAGAWA/Acme-Module-Authors-0.01/ lib/Acme/Module/Authors.pm

ap0202.10 by artem baguinski, martin howse / http://www.1010.co.uk

Auto-Illustrator by Adrian Ward / http://www.auto-illustrator.com/

deprogramming.us—e.p. #1 by deprogramming.us / http://deprogramming.us
conceptual software / without hardware—formal instruction
.walk by socialfiction.org / < a href=http://www.socialfiction.org target=_blank class=link>http://www.socialfiction.org

Composition 1961 1-29 by LaMonte Young / http://www.google.de/search?hl=de&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=La+Monte+Young+%22Draw+a+straight+line%22&spell=1
data transformation
Desktop Subversibles by Jonah Brucker-Cohen / http://www.coin-operated.com/ds

Fascinum by Christophe Bruno / http://www.unbehagen.com/fascinum/

non-weddings by Christophe Bruno / http://www.unbehagen.com/non-weddings

The Bank of Time by Futurenatural / http://www.theBankofTime.com

Video Killed the Radio Star by Jonathan Harel / http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~harel/lyrics.html
data transformation / data collage
DSTRKTR by stk / http://antisound.semperstudio.com/dEstruktor

GoogleSynth by Paul Andrews / http://art.gen.nz

POP AUTOMATE® by liz / http://popautomate.talk-over.net/

Revision History 3.0 by Johnny DeKam / http://revisionhistory.org/

The Multi-Cultural Recycler by amy alexander / http://recycler.plagiarist.org

Yet Another Sizing Tool (YAST) by Rico da halvarez & Bituur Esztreym / http://vnatrc.com/YAST/ABOUT
data transformation / multimedia
PDP / PiDiP Is Definitely In Pieces by Tom Schouten & Yves Degoyon / http://ydegoyon.free.fr/pidip.html

techno.pl by alex / http://slub.org
data transformation / visualization
Disk Defragmenter by mi_ga / http://www.o-o.lt/mi_ga

hexaDecimalClock by BlueScreen / http://www.b-l-u-e-s-c-r-e-e-n.net/hexaClock/
digital aesthetics r&d / low tech
extreme whitespace by amy alexander / deprogramming.us / http://deprogramming.us/exwhindex.html

Form Art by Alexei Shulgin / http://www.c3.hu/collection/form/

os_anm by slateford / http://www.lipparosa.org/slateford/archive/os_anm
digital folk and artisanship
Acme::Handwave by Simon Kent / http://search.cpan.org/author/HITHERTO/Acme-Handwave-0.01.1/

Acme::ManekiNeko by Greg McCarroll / http://search.cpan.org/author/GMCCAR/Acme-ManekiNeko-0.01/ManekiNeko.pm

Face #7 by Dave Fischer / http://www.cca.org/dave/gallery1.html

Kraut v0.9 by John Sparks / http://runme.org/project/+Kraut/

metal_for_ever by anonymous / http://runme.org/project/+metalforever/

Whitespace by Edwin Brady and Chris Morris / http://compsoc.dur.ac.uk/whitespace
digital folk and artisanship / ascii art
AA-Project by Jan Hubicka and others / http://aa-project.sourceforge.net/

Google Groups Art by Paul, Tim Flaherty, Nathan McCoy, Stuart Langridge / http://runme.org/project/+googleart/
digital folk and artisanship / gimmicks
discomus.exe by Anonymous / http://runme.org/project/+discomus/

DOS pseudoviruses collection by Various artists / http://runme.org/project/+dosvir/
digital folk and artisanship / screen savers
bildschirmgymnastik by joreg / http://joreg.ath.cx/gymnastik.html
existing software manipulations
Dictionaraoke by Snoogles / http://www.dictionaraoke.org
existing software manipulations / instructions
SCREEN SAVER by Eldar Karhalev & Ivan Khimin / http://www.404pro.com/desoft
existing software manipulations / software plugins
Suicide Letter Wizard for Microsoft Word by Olga Goriunova, Data eXchange Laboratory / http://www.dxlab.org/slw

The Okay News by Rebecca Ross / http://cat.nyu.edu/~rebecca/okay/
SPS by (Karl-)Robert Ek / http://runme.org/project/+spssps/

Wolfenstein 5k by Lee Semel / http://www.innofinity.com/5k/2002/
games / deconstruction and modification
adam killer by brody condon / http://www.tmpspace.com/adam_1

mario battle no.1 by myfanwy ashmore / http://runme.org/project/+mariobattle/

retroyou R/C by joan leandre / http://retroyou.org/retroyou_RC_full_radioControl/
generative art
googlepoweredgogglebox by Sam Woolf / http://www.blip.alturl.com/googlepoweredgogglebox.html

Lexicon by Andy Deck / http://artcontext.org/lexicon/

n_Gen Design Machine by Move Design / http://www.n-generate.com

NewZoid by Daniel Young / http://www.newzoid.com

Wirescapes 1.0 by John Vega / http://www.dancingimage.com/wirescapes
0generative art / algorithmic audio
Enigma n^2 by Jim Andrews / http://vispo.com
generative art / algorithmic image
ARTificial Art: 4ever by Kurt Baumann / http://www.artificial-art.com/

Cybart by coolfool / http://www.coolfool.com/cybart/

Generative Art by Bogdan Soban / http://www.soban-art.com

Genetic Art by Adriano Abbado, Marco Stefani / http://www.abbado.com/works/big/genetic.html

Infinite Image Productions by Gerhard Mantz / http://www.infiniteimageproductions.org

particles by Ole Kristensen / http://www.ole.kristensen.name/particles
hardware transformation
Symphony for dot matrix printers by [The User] Thaddeus Thomas / http://www.theuser.org/

Tempest for Eliza by Erik Thiele / http://www.erikyyy.de/tempest/
God’s Eye by Sintron / http://runme.org/project/+godseye/

Netsleeping by Gregory Chatonsky / http://incident.net/works/netsleeping/

stack by robert lisek / http://www.fundamental.art.pl

Timescape by Reynald Drouhin / http://www.incident.net/works/timescape/
institutional critique
Rotten Flesh by Jeff Epler / http://unpythonic.net/~jepler/cgi-bin/rottenflesh.cgi

The Market-O-Matic (1.0) [fine arts version] by Curt Cloninger / http://www.playdamage.org/market-o-matic/
b0timati0n by amy alexander / http://b0timati0n.org

Dynasty by deKam / http://runme.org/project/+Dynasty/

Hell’s Angles by Martin Parker / http://runme.org/project/+HellzAngles/

The Google Adwords Happening by Christophe Bruno / http://www.iterature.com/adwords
hello world by unknown / http://www2.latech.edu/~acm/HelloWorld.shtml

The Plagiarist Manifesto by Plagiarist (assisted by Amy Alexander) / http://plagiarist.org/manifeste/manifesto.pl
political and activist software / cease-and-desist-ware
bastards.js by space hijackers / http://www.spacehijackers.co.uk

DeArt—DeCSS Art Contest (et al) by Tom Vogt and Various Authors / http://web.lemuria.org/DeArt/

The Injunction Generator by ubermorgen.com / http://ipnic.org

Various CueCat Hacks by Various Authors / http://runme.org/project/+cuecathacks/

walser.php by textz.com / Project Gnutenberg / http://www.textz.com
political and activist software / illicit software
pngreader by textz.com / Project Gnutenberg / http://pngreader.gnutenberg.net
political and activist software / software resistance
ADMechelon-Lagger by The ADM Crew / http://adm.freelsd.net/ADM/

CueJack by Cue P. Doll / http://cuejack.com

Homeland Security Threat Monitor by Greg Hewgill / http://hewgill.com/threat/

marchtowar.com by marchtowar.com / http://www.marchtowar.com

SuPerVillainizer—Conspiracy Client by LAN / http://www.supervillainizer.ch

TelematicMix by Sejal Chad, Beatrice Gibson, Adrian Ward / http://www.humancapitalsoftwaresolutions.com
political and activist software / useful activist software
Reamweaver by The Yes Men SPIT / http://reamweaver.com
software cultures—links
GNU emacs by Richard Stallman / http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/emacs.html

Gnu’s Not Unix by Richard M. Stallman / http://www.gnu.org

M.A.M.E.—Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator by The MAME Team / http://www.mame.net

micromusic by micromusic team / http://www.micromusic.net

PawSense by BitBoost Systems / http://www.bitboost.com/pawsense/index.html

The 5k contest by Stewart Butterfield, Eric Costello / http://www.the5k.org
system dysfunctionality / denial of service
forkbomb by jaromil / http://amsterdam.nettime.org/Lists-Archives/nettime-bold-0203/msg00784.html

forkbomb.pl by alex2 / http://slab.org

forkwar by deprogramming.us / http://www.deprogramming.us/forkwarindex.html
system dysfunctionality / virus – security
DOGS by Sintron / http://runme.org/project/+dogs/

MacMag Virus by Computer Graphics Conspiracy / Barnoz & Wanowitch / http://www.google.com/search?hl=de&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=MacMag+virus&btnG=Google-Suche&meta=
text—software / art related
Artistic Software for Dummies and, by the way, Thoughts About the New World Order by Olga Goriunova, Alexei Shulgin / http://www.macros-center.ru/read_me/teb1e.htm

Concepts. Notations. Software. Art. by Florian Cramer / http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~cantsin/homepage/writings/ software_art/concept_notations//

dear em: what shd i do? by ms.static + chip.kali@mxHz.org / http://runme.org/project/+whatshdido/

hacking sound in context by alex / http://slab.org

processor art by thor magnusson / http://www.ixi-software.net

QuickView on Software Art, interview with runme.org experts 2003: Amy Alexander,
Florian Cramer, Matthew Fuller, Thomax Kaulmann, Alex McLean, Pit Schultz, and
The Yes Men, by Olga Goriunova and Alexei Shulgin / http://runme.org/project/+quickview/

Read_Me 1.2 Jury Statement by Amy Alexander, Florian Cramer, Cue P. Doll,
RTMark, and Alexei Shulgin / http://www.macros-center.ru/read_me/adden.htm

Software Art by Florian Cramer and Ulrike Gabriel / http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~cantsin/homepage/writings/software_art/ transmediale//

Software Art Panel at Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Feb. 2003. Transcript / http://www.softwareart.net/

The Aesthetics of Generative Code by Geoff Cox, Alex McLean, Adrian Ward /

The House That Jack Built: Jack Burnham’s Concept of “Software” as a Metaphor /
for Art by Edward A. Shanken / http://www.duke.edu/~giftwrap/House.html

Useless Utilities by saul / http://www.twenteenthcentury.com/saul/useless.htm
text—software / art related / cultural critique of software
Behind the Blip: Software as Culture by Matthew Fuller / http://runme.org/project/+blip/

It looks like you’re writing a letter: Microsoft Word by Matthew Fuller / http://www.axia.demon.co.uk/wordtext.html

Perl, the first postmodern computer language by Larry Wall / http://runme.org/project/+pomoperl/

Programming with a Paintbrush by Richard Wright / http://runme.org/project/+Painting/

RETROFUTURISM 13 by William Bowles / http://runme.org/project/+retrofuturism/
text—software / art related / weblog
sweetcode.org by Dan Egnor / http://sweetcode.org
text manipulation
Bible (alphabetical order) by Rory Macbeth / http://twenteenthcentury.com/projects.php?action=display&proj_id=100&context=projects&mem_id=3

copy/paste by Doris Traubenzucker / http://runme.org/project/+copypaste/

Dasher by David MacKay, Inference Group, Cavendish Laboratory / http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/dasher/

fleur v 0.2 by clemos / http://cl3mos.free.fr/fleur2

haiku by Danny O’Brien / http://www.oblomovka.com/code/haiku.php3

linguasso by Chris King / http://www.silenttransit.com/linguasso

mimic by Jeremy Ruston / http://www.dicshunary.com/stuff/mimic.html

Novelwriting by Jeff Epler / http://unpythonic.net/~jepler/novelwriting/

Paperikori by Team Paperikori / http://peep.uiah.fi/paperikori

Postmodernism Generator by Andrew C. Bulhak / http://www.elsewhere.org/cgi-bin/postmodern/

Right As Rain by Jeremy Hight Jeff Knowlton Naomi Spellman / http://thepharmakon.org/RightAsRain

rwxrwxrw by ARN / http://www.x-arn.org/rwxrwxrw/

Simplethink by Dan Harris / http://dump.ordure.org/applications/SimpleThink.html

sondheim.exe by Lewis LaCook / http://runme.org/project/+sondheim/

Travesty by Hugh Kenner and Joseph P. O’Rourke / http://runme.org/project/+travesty/