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Dance and Media Performance Fusions

'Scott DeLahunta Scott DeLahunta

DAMPF Lab is an interdisciplinary collaborative project dedicated to fostering new and distinctive art works of high quality that integrate interactive computer technologies with performing arts practices. Critically rigorous and informed by a broad set of research perspectives, DAMPF Lab will investigate the relation between developing technologies and body-based performance, seeking new insight into e.g. the impact on creative processes and shifting relations between maker (author), performer and audience.

DAMPF Lab has been made possible by a grant from the European Union’s Culture 2000 programme for annual projects in support of a partnership involving tanz performance köln, the Ars Electronica Futurelab Linz, V2_Lab Rotterdam and the Animax Multimedia Theater Bonn. This partnership will contribute experience, expertise and facilities to a series of ongoing events in 2003-2004 within the framework of two complementary strands: (1) research labs and (2) co-productions.

The co-productions are aimed at the nurturing and realisation of specific art works. There are two of these currently in development: one is led by composer/director and media artist Klaus Obermaier working in close collaboration with the Ars Electronica Futurelab to investigate the effective implementation of interactive technologies in the context of a new performance for the stage; the other is led by choreographer Angelika Oei collaborating with the V2_Lab on the creation of a series of prototypes heading towards the production of a large scale performance/interactive media installation work.

The main aim of the research labs is to generate a range of diverse and shareable outcomes to include: drawing questions from and in turn supporting the creative work of the co-productions; the stimulation of other new artistic work; the development of reusable technology solutions (found in extant or newly developed hardware and software); and the devising of unique dramaturgical and user testing approaches to the artistic process. In addition, the research labs aim to disseminate documentation and writings that will contribute to conceptual, theoretical and educational approaches to this area of work.

There are three research labs currently being planned to take place over the next several months, the first in the context of this year's Ars Electronica 2003. The second will take place at V2_Lab in Rotterdam and the third at the Animax Multimedia Theater in Bonn. In June/ July 2004, there will be a presentation of resulting artistic prototypes and previews in the context of the DAMPF Festival organised by tanz performance köln.

DAMPF Lab at Ars Electronica
The first DAMPF Research Lab will be organised in a close relation to the Ars Electronica Pixelspaces conference (8 and 9 September 2003). The theme of the Pixelspaces conference this year is the relation between the programmable (as different from the navigable) interface and an interactive physical environment. A number of DAMPF related research lines can be developed within this theme; e.g. connections between code and choreographic processes, complex perceptive/receptive modes, generative performing systems, etc. In order to further develop these lines and fine tune questions and responses in
relation to them, the DAMPF Lab at Ars Electronica will participate in the conference and practical hands-on sessions as well as organise a series of smaller dialogues and discussions with invited guests selected in part from the larger Ars Electronica programme.

Further information can be accessed at this URL: http://dampf.v2.nl

Collaborating on DAMPF are: tanz performance köln, Animax Multimedia Theater Bonn,
V2_Lab Rotterdam, Ars Electronica Center Linz.
With the support of the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union.