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'Mia Zabelka Mia Zabelka / ' Electric Indigo Electric Indigo

Mia Zabelka and Electric Indigo met up in April 2002 and began a “coopération électrique”: via interfaces that assume a whole range of different forms, they create acoustic continua in space evoked by the famously anarchic behavior of Mia Zabelka, who, with lusty aggressiveness and point-blank physical immediacy, produces complex, multi-layered musical images on the electronic violin that blend with the syncopated rhythms and bass-heavy grooves of Electric Indigo. The duo jams like human rhythm machines that form melodies and turn sounds into music. Their interplay, their compelling stage presence and the musical results of their collaboration engender a level of intensity that the audience feels like a high-voltage charge. Her performance will be enhanced with visuals by the video artist Glam Fatal.