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The room between the characters of our character input machines is too small. There’s hardly any space for bodies. With the world’s largest keyboard, we’re making room. The world’s largest keyboard is a public interface that provides free access to a processor and the Internet. Teleklettergarten’s input device is a Kletterwand (an indoor climbing wall like the ones used by Alpinists to train for a vertical ascent) connected to a monitor.

Visitors go through a trainee program to learn software development skills. Programmers and climbers work collaboratively in an oversized programming environment.
We program codes, scripts and tools, and demonstrate functions. In times of software patenting, digital rights management and access controls, one is no longer guaranteed to be able to write and run a function without running the risk of committing illegal acts thereby.

Gruppe F.O.K, Kunstverein Freunde der Informatikerinnen, luxus4all.org, bitnik.org. Mit Doma Smoljo, Silvan Leuthold, kiilo, Mario Purkathofer, Phillip Oettli, Carmen Weisskopf, Valentina Vuksic, Marc Widmer, Florian Merkur, Margit Greinöcker, Aron, u. v. a. In Kooperation mit Mammut, Naturfreunde Oberösterreich, Kunstuni Linz u. a.