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Prix Ars Electronica 2005

International Competition for CyberArts

In 2005, creative artists from 71 countries submitted 2,975 works for Prix Ars Electronica prize consideration this year. Computer Animation and Interactive Art are the areas that showed strongest growth in the number of entries. Prize money totaling € 110,000 has been awarded to the winners in six categories.
Ever since its inception, the competition's focus has been on state-ofthe-art creativity in the key fields of digital media: Computer Animation / Visual Effects, Digital Musics, Interactive Art and Net Vision. With the inauguration of the Digital Communities category in 2004, the Prix Ars Electronica has devoted increasing attention to the impact art and technology are having on social developments. The “u19—freestyle computing” category for young people and [the next idea] art and technology grant offer Austria’s computerized younger generation and up-andcoming young artists a creative platform and prominent showcase for their encounters with new media.

Computer Animation / Visual Effects

Golden Nica
Tomek Baginski / Platige Image: Fallen Art
Brad Bird / Pixar Animation Studios:
The Incredibles
Gaelle Denis / Passion Picture: City Paradise
Honorary Mentions
Shane Acker: 9
Oury Atlan, Thibault Berland,
Damien Ferrié: Overtime
Alexandre Heboyan, Fafah Togora,
Eric Castaing: Bigoudenn Migration
Laurent Bourdoiseau, Arnaud Ganzerli,
Jérôme Blanquet / Machine Molle:
Electronic Performers
Takahiro Hayakawa: KASHIKOKOMONO
Alexander Kiesl, Sebastian Stolle: Kernseif
Yusuke Koyanagi: Tokyo City
Guilherme Marcondes: Into Pieces
Roland Seidel, Achim Stiermann:
Man OS 1 / extraordinateur
Ben Snow, Scott Squires, Daniel Jeannette /
ILM: Van Helsing
Chris Wedge / Blue Sky Studios: Robots
Koji Yamada: Monotreme

Digital Musics

Golden Nica
Maryanne Amacher: TEO! A Sonic Sculpture
John Oswald: Plunderphonics
Pan Sonic: Kesto

Honorary Mentions
Scott Arford: TV-IV
artificiel (Alexandre Burton, Julien Roy,
Jimmy Lakatos): condemned_bulbes
Jens Brand: G-Player
Mike Cooper: Rayon Hula
Louis-Philippe Demers: The Mechanized
Eccentric Series
Paul DeMarinis: Firebirds
Gilles Gobeil: Ombres, espaces, silences
Haco: Stereo Bugscope
Kapital Band 1: 2CD
Yoshimitsu Ichiraku: DoraVideo
skoltz_kolgen: flüux:/terminal
Katja Zavoloka: Plavyna

Interactive Art

Golden Nica
Esther Polak / Ieva Auzina / RIXC: MILKproject
Mark Downie / Shelley Eshkar / Paul Kaiser:
how long does the subject linger on the
edge of the volume…
Mateusz Herczka: Life Support Systems - Vanda
Honorary Mentions
Keith Armstrong / Transmute Collective:
Intimate Transactions
Marnix de Nijs: Run Motherfucker Run
Dirk Eijsbouts: Interface #4 / tft tennis
Steve Heimbecker: POD
(Wind Array Cascade Machine)
Seiko Mikami / Sota Ichikawa: gravicells
Amit Pitaru: SonicWireSculptor

Sarai Media Lab (Raqs Media
Collective / Mrityunjay Chatterjee /
Iram Ghufran): The Network of No_des
Ashok Sukumaran: Glow Positioning System
Atau Tanaka: Bondage
Michelle Teran: Life: a user’s manual
Kasper T Toeplitz / Dominik Barbier: Capture
Michael Wilson / Eddo Stern / Jessica
Hutchins / Brody Condon / Peter
Brinson / Mark Allen: Waco Resurrection
Special Prize of the Jury
Theo Jansen: Beach Animals / Strandbeest

Net Vision

Golden Nica
Ben Fry / Casey Reas / Processing
community: Processing
UBERMORGEN.COM: [V]ote-auction
Yugo Nakamura:Yugop.com
Honorary Mentions
Amy Alexander: Cyberspaceland
Jonathan Harris: 10 x 10
The Institute for Applied Autonomy: iSee
Alex Jarrett: The Degree Confluence Project
Layla Curtis: Message in a Bottle from
Ramsgate to The Chatham Islands
Fang-Yu Lin: From the Great Beyond
Rainer Mandl: decoy
NEtROBOt Team: NetROBOt NetAibo Project
James Paterson: Presstube
Konstantin Demblin / Martin Sägmüller /
Hans Bernhard / Alessandro Ludovico:
G.W.E.I. Google Will Eat Itself
Marius Watz: The Universal Digest Machine

Digital Communities

Golden Nica
Free Software Foundation
New Global Vision / Telestreet
Honorary Mentions
The Borneo Project
Catalytic Communities
Huaral: Sistema de Información Agraria
vía Internet para Agricultores del Valle
de Huaral, PerúKubatana

The Institute for Applied Autonomy: TXTmob
The South-East Asian Earthquake and
Tsunami Blog
Wikimedia Commons
Special Prize of the Jury: BitTorrent

u19—freestyle computing

Golden Nica
Markus Sucher: Rennacs Studies
Viktoria Buchberger, Ute Greiner,
Hanna Gruber, Prisca Heim, Sara Wilnauer:
10 MKK Jubiläumsfun
SchülerInnen der 5. Klasse Multimedia,
Graphische Wien: Möbel
Distinctions / Non-Cash Prize
David Haslinger: Der Herr der Ringe –
eine gescannte Geschichte
Sonja Rosa Vrisk: Pegasus X7/222/12
Honorary Mentions
Christof Barth / Thomas Mülleger: Miro 1
Sarah Lene Shirin Fürst: ichSelbst
Sebastian Wedl, Lena Goldsteiner: Speed Trials
7c (+ 8a), BORG Bad Leonfelden:
Kulturhauptstadt 09
Lilly Maier: Lesemaus
Philip Narovec: Tennis
Klasse 3A der Volksschule 2 / Linz:
Ondrej Pokorny: Memory
Paul Rauch: Robotic Angel from Another Sky
Andreas Reh / David Liftinger:
obscura Expertensystem

[the next idea]
Art and Technology Grant

Martin Mairinger: USED Clothing

Selected works of Prix Ars Electronica are being presented on the CyberArts 2005 Exhibition at the O.K Center for Comtemporary Art. You find a detailed description of the projects in the Prix Ars Electronica Compendium Cyberarts 2005.

CyberArts 2005
International Compendium

of Prix Ars Electronica
H. Leopoldseder / C. Schöpf / G. Stocker (eds.)
Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern-Ruit