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The Sancho Plan

' The Sancho Plan The Sancho Plan

The Sancho Plan are an award-winning collective that produce live audiovisual performances, experimental musical animations and interactive audio toys. Their AV works explore the real-time interaction between music and video and its potential for narrative and storytelling.

Through the careful combination of animation, sound, music and technology, The Sancho Plan create fantastical worlds in which animated musical characters are triggered by a variety of electronic drum pads.

Instantly engaging and universally understandable, this audiovisual installation invites you to enjoy three playful interactive adventures. In Robo Sanchiens, experience a futuristic duel of robotic drummers. In Heraldz, strange trumpet-like storks fire musical balls into the air. And in Drum Machine, based on the award-winning animation created in collaboration with tokyoplastic.com, you control Japanese Kodo-style drummers who use their heads in place of sticks.

The Sancho Plan’s creative output has been shown in clubs, festivals, cinemas, theatres and on television and computer screens around the world. Their live audiovisual performance premiered at Optronica at London’s National Film Theatre in July 2005, and has since been enjoyed by audiences at other festivals throughout the UK. Nominated for the best VJ category at the 2003 Diesel-U-Music Awards and winners of the People’s Choice Award at the Sundance Online Film Festival 2004, The Sancho Plan are presently working with AV pioneers Coldcut to develop a series of interactive musical toys, scheduled for commercial release in 2007. Headed by Ed Cookson with key collaborators Lewis Sykes, Adam Hoyle, Motionteller, Nick Sweetman and Ed Niblett, The Sancho Plan draws on a network of practitioners with a diverse range of talents to create unified and truly innovative contemporary audiovisual work of a rare quality.