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Smoke Tree
A Virtual Sculpture

'John Gerrard John Gerrard

In the work an oak tree is central to the frame, however a strange transformation has come about with the result that the foliage of the tree is abundantly producing carbon in the place of oxygen. This process continually unfolds creating a mesmerizing and ever-changing tableaux, a sculpture in virtual smoke which presents a disquieting yet strangely plausible possibility.

Based on an existing Holm Oak in a rural landscape near the artists childhood home in southern Ireland the work operates within a single day which orbits from dusk to dawn around the central motif. As in previous works the presentation frame operates as a navigation device, allowing the public to move around the tree as an “image object” or virtual sculpture. This is the first work in a series.

3-D production: Werner Pötzelberger / Yama Vienna