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Reactivation of unused spaces in the city - all Linz a hotel!

' Pixelhotel Association for Re-Urbanization and Urban Renewal Pixelhotel Association for Re-Urbanization and Urban Renewal

Anyone who arrives in Linz is already standing in the hotel lobby. In 2009, the year of the Cultural Capital, Pixelhotel is allowing hotel rooms to develop from unused spaces in Linz. Rooms of the most diverse forms, individualization and quality will be built into empty buildings, industrial halls, public buildings, shops and apartment blocks. These rooms are distributed throughout the whole urban area and not integrated in one building. Beyond the tourist mainstream, the Pixelhotel is staging facets of Linz that would otherwise remain hidden from visitors. All the services of a usual hotel are in the city itself: the Pixelhotel uses the resources of existing establishments such as restaurants, bars, fitness studios and hairdressers.With the key to their room, the guests also receive a map of the city. On the way to their destination, the Linz experience, the uniqueness and diversity of everyday life in Linz is already conveyed.

During Ars Electronica 2007, a hotel room is being created out of an abandoned garage in a back yard in Marienstraße. Camper vans, found artifacts from another time—and somehow also from another world—become functional accessories.

Translated from German by Dave Westacott

A project by Linz 2009 European Cultural Capital

Linz, the city on the Danube, has grown into the pulsating center between East and West. A close interplay of culture, industry and nature gives the city its exceptional vitality. In 2009 Linz will be Capital of Culture and ready to welcome all of Europe. Before that, 2007 and 2008 will already show what the city has to offer in 2009—a culture that can be attributed to enthusiasm for the present day and for the future.We look forward to your visit!

More information at www.linz09.at