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Second Krebs™
Fleeing form Virtuality in the 21th Century

' Institute for Expanded Art Institute for Expanded Art

Aside from its conventional meaning, “analogizing” entails registering digital files and virtual spaces and continuously transforming them into analog signals such as tension, brightness, sound (language, music), blood pressure, etc. The consequences of such analogizing manifest themselves in a noticeable deceleration designed to foster re-sensitization, since analog phenomena are processed manually and thus more slowly. The transference of the computer world into the reality of the Grand Café zum Rothen Krebsen results in a dual state: whereas the rules of virtual social interaction remain operational, real physical encounters can and must occur once again.

The anonymity that one has acquired in the WorldWideWeb is lost along with the protective function this served; nevertheless, the virtual identity remains intact, so that the person and his/her virtual identity will still be classifiable as belonging to one another.

In a multi-day experimental array, Internet phenomena like Second Life, chatrooms,MySpace and eBay will be subjected to analog testing via installations, actions and auctions, and taken to the point of absurdity in the premises of zum Rothen Krebsen and the Institute for Expanded Art.

Welcome to the jungle of the real
Grand Café zum Rothen Krebsen & The Institute for Expanded Art

In conjunction with the 2007 Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition, the Institute for Expanded Art will once again be inviting festivalgoers to stop by and spend time among friends. Representatives of the HyperWerk Institute in Basle, local artists and musicians and their counterparts from all over the world will be presenting their works live in an agreeable setting at the nexus of sound, performance and installation. Rounding out the big doings will be a multi-DJ lineup each evening.

Translated from German by Mel Greenwald

A project of Institut für erweiterte Kunst
Artists: Karin Fisslthaler, Marlene Haderer, Hannes Langeder, Doris Prlic, Ben Ross, Sabine Stuller, Karo Szmit, Dorota Wojenska, Jochen Zeirzer, Berthold Zettelmeier u. a.