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Spy kites are kites armed with remote CCTV cameras.The result is a collaborative film project. Spy Kiting involves people planning, designing and building kites to which a CCTV camera will be securely connected. The kite is taken to an outdoor arena and flown. The camera, operating through a wireless system, relays video footage to those on the ground. The device can be used to peer into sites that cannot be seen from on the ground. The group will have the opportunity to combine the fun of an easy outdoor activity with an unusual way of video making. This will help spark their imaginations about what can be done with forms of media that are more accessible than they realised.


The MediaShed is the first “free media” space to open in the East of England and is located at the mouth of the Thames. It's a place for doing art, making things, or just saying what you want for little or no financial cost by using public domain software, recycled equipment and enthusiasm. It's also a place to say what you want “freely”, using accessible media systems that can be taken apart and reused without unnecessary restrictions and controls.

Free media is the governing principle of the MediaShed—allowing signals, things, objects, people and actions to pass “freely” between each other. It is about opening up the implicit meaning of media itself—to mediate not by controlling and ordering what can be said, shown or heard, but by providing the means to unblock channels of access, release currents of energy and reveal the margins of what people can feel, sense, reason and imagine.