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Flow of Qi

' ITRI Creativity Lab ITRI Creativity Lab

The artwork Flow of Qi uses advanced UWB technology to give the viewer a direct experience of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Qi. The UWB technology was developed by The Industrial Technology Research Institute ITRI for monitoring human vital signs. The viewer’s breathing rate is detected every 0.1 seconds in real-time, and the results reflected through their influence on famous works of calligraphy from the National Palace Museum in Taiwan. This artwork lets participants tune their breathing to the rhythm of the artwork and the spirit of the ancient calligrapher, giving them personal contact with a timeless cultural heritage.

The display is created by two participants through mutual interaction; one controls the progress of calligraphy through breathing speed, while the other affects the work’s density through breathing depth. You might sense the Chinese philosophy of the unity of man and the universe: the connection to other people, and between people and all things, one and inseparable in a delicate, never-ending dance.

UWB Technology

The Ultra wideband non-contact sensor applies Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radar technology to measure any small displacement of the chest cavity, and can measure respiration rate and heart rate simultaneously. UWB technology uses microwave impulses to detect movement. The sensor can be placed at a distance and need not contact the user, making the Ultra wideband noncontact sensor convenient and suitable for long-term monitoring.