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bubble cosmos

' b.c.p. b.c.p.

bubble cosmos is an entertainment system fusing actual bubbles with colorful visual effects. Our system projects computer generated images onto bubbles containing smoke and can produce sound effects and change images in reaction to the breaking of bubbles. The system allows the user to enjoy various computer generated images projected onto the smokecontaining bubbles. By breaking the bubbles, the user can also enjoy beautiful sounds and different computer generated images projected onto the scattering smoke interactively. To detect a bubble and the time of breaking, our system sequences input images from the camera and determines whether a bubble is present.

The user can experience a novel kind of entertainment, different from conventional artificial entertainment by actually touching and breaking these physically beautiful bubbles. Our system offers a new platform for presentation. For example, the system could be used as a beautiful interactive display for advertising media, whereby a corporate emblem or product name could be projected onto a bubble and a commercial message displayed on a separate screen upon the breaking of the bubble.

b.c.p. (Junichi Hoshino, Kazuhito Shiratori, Nakamura Masatoshi, Inaba Go,Tamaoki Jun), University of Tsukuba, Japan