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' The Sancho Plan The Sancho Plan

The Sancho Plan is an audiovisual band that explores the real-time interaction between music and video and its potential for narrative and storytelling. A mix of musicians, animators, designers and computer programmers, The Sancho Plan aim to present audiences with unforgettable, interactive entertainment experiences.

Their new work, Spacequatica, is a 12-minute travelogue that immerses the viewer in an experiential 3D audiovisual journey through an imaginary underwater world. The Sancho Plan were invited by Martyn Ware (founder of bands The Human League in 1977 and Heaven 17 in 1980) to create the piece especially to utilize his Illustrious Company’s 3D Audioscape facility—an immersive, multi-speaker, surround sound audio system.

Visually and sonically, the piece takes the viewer on a journey deep into a musical ocean—from the surface, where schools of small exotic creatures are performing like phasing xylophones, through the deeper waters populated by dark robotic sharks, and on to the pitch black depths, where all that can be seen and heard are rare self-illuminating species occasionally blinking out of the darkness.

When used with the Illustrious Company’s Audioscape system, the sounds of the varied characters swim around the audience in 3D space, and can be performed in real-time using The Sancho Plan’s electronic drum pads.


All work by The Sancho Plan (UK)
The Sancho Plan are: Ben Bryant: Performer; Ed Cookson: Director, Audio, Visuals, Performer; Edward Dawson- Taylor: Character Visuals; Joel Farland: Performer; Adam Hoyle: System Architect; Lewis Sykes: Audio, Performer; Olly Venning: Character Visuals U. Geibel