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'Junji Watanabe Junji Watanabe / 'Hideyuki Ando Hideyuki Ando / 'Tomofumi Yoshida Tomofumi Yoshida

We have developed a novel sensation interface using galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS). The vestibular system is stimulated by a weak current through the electrodes, placed behind the ear.GVS causes lateral virtual acceleration toward the anode, which shifts your sense of balance. In addition, the GVS interface can induce lateral walking diverging from the intended straight line. Based on this GVS interface technology, we produced an artwork on the subject of wavering identity in the modern society.

In the GVS interface technology, the electrodes for the stimulation are attached to the headset. The applied current is controlled by the optimally designed circuit.

In our artwork, the compact display is floating on the water. An acceleration sensor is integrated into the display, and the obtained data is sent to the GVS interface. The GVS is presented according to the data of the sensor. Any kind of vibration of the display disturbs the balance of the visitors. When the display falls over, the visitors feel a big swaying sensation. This GVS interaction makes them feel truly connected to the display. They keep on walking, while holding the tank of water on which the display is floating. This artwork is intended to observe and hold your wavering identity (the display on the water) from the outer perspective. The experience of this art work, in which the human senses are shaken, can be a trigger for realizing how humans perceive the world, and behave in it.