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Slot Machine Drawing

'Eisuke Kusachi Eisuke Kusachi / 'Junji Watanabe Junji Watanabe

Slot Machine Drawing is a contingency-based drawing environment based on a circulating canvas structure. The canvas can rotate vertically (upward or downward). The user can control the speed and direction of the rotation freely with the lever, and he/she can draw any kind of pictures on the canvas when it is rotating. In this environment, the user can draw line figures without moving the pen, and the drawn lines appear again due to the rotation of the canvas itself. Unexpected line drawings can be generated due to the contingency between the user’s drawing action and the rotation of the canvas. The drawing can sometimes be an artistic picture or a textile design. In addition, the pen style for drawing can be changed. The user can draw a unique series of small figures with the stamp-like pen, as if putting stamps on the canvas. When the stamp is repeatedly put on the canvas, and the canvas is rotated fast enough, the figure can be perceived like a cut-off animation.This way, using Slot Machine Drawing, even people who lack talent can have an enjoyable experience of drawing.

You can download the demo software of Slot Machine Drawing from the following URL for free http://www.rollcanvas.org/. It runs on any PC operating system. The website includes the gallery of pictures drawn by the software.