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Digital Diary

'Natacha Merrit Natacha Merrit

all my thoughts and feelings, i used to write them down.
as soon as i had a digital camera, i stopped writing and recorded my thoughts and feelings with photographs.
my life has become a bunch of digital photos as opposed to a bunch of written thoughts.
my first camera was a casio Q.V. 110 digital camera. this was one of the first consumer-level digital cameras on the market. i was 18 yrs. old. on my way to study law.
within weeks i was addicted to taking photos.
intimate, immediate, self-contained, cheap, fast …
i fell in love with my new art form. it seems natural that
it became such a part of my intimate life …
technology was always getting better and better.
my photography “skills” were improving.
i wanted more and more from my cameras.
my technical needs were becoming more sophisticated (i began to want more manual control, higher resolution, recycle time, flash sync, etc..). each time i began to outgrow a camera, a new improved model hit the market.
eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new “toy” (i must have gone through 10 models).