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Rogue Emissions in the Dark

'Roy Rajendra Roy Rajendra / 'Anie Stanley Anie Stanley

Films and Videos for a Synthetic Society
MIX, the New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film Festival, with its long history of diverse views on the impact of sexuality on our culture, presents the program Oculation: Rogue Emissions In The Dark. These experimental films and videos have been organized around the themes of: Dreams, Nightmares, Fantasy, and Flesh; realms where our new Synthetic Society has sex on-screen, on-line and in public.

Queer Identity has been one way in which sex was relieved of its functional indispensability for reproduction. As we experience a commercialization of Queer Identity in popular culture, we have seen a new assimilation of procreative practices within queer culture (Lesbian babies, Gay Daddies, Serial Monogamy). Historically, however, homosexual physicality has often been expressed as a sexual out-of-body experience through artistic practice. Translating forbidden pleasures into new realms of experience has been prevalent in the arts, due in large part to the influence of queer artists.

We would like to examine the implied notions behind Sex in the Age Of Procreative Superflousness, with its society in which humans are genetically fabricated, to find what impact it will have on queer sexual identity. How many more different genders will be invented and/or eliminated? This international collection of experimental moving images addresses the hazardous realities and relentless erotic energies being released as we emerge into a twenty-first century pan-sexual existence.

Lift by Off by Martha Colburn
Corporeal Self by Virgil Wong
3DME by Colleen Cruise
Grace by Lorelei Pepi
For Abramovic, Love Cocteau by Patty Chang
Hardhead Flair by Erika Yeomans/ Doorika

Lady Fingers by Rita Gonzalez & Rachel Mayeri
El Diablo en la Piel by Ximena Cuevas
Jesse Helms is Cleaning Up America by Robert Judd
Split by Erik Deutschman

Razed By Wolves by Kathryn Ramey
The Fancy Ladies by Deborah Edmeades
The Subtler Matter by Emile Devereaux
Synthetic Pulse by Jangho Choi
Land of the Lay by Larry Shea
SLAP Drag-ons by Steve Grandell
Unternehmen Arschmaschine by Mara Mattuschka & Gabriele Szekatsch

The Little Big by Pierre Yves Clouin
GIJO by Christopher Westfall
Clamp by Maia Cybele Carpenter
Pansexual Public Porn by Del La Grace Volcano
VJ Trailer for I.K.U., a Japanese SciFi Porn by Shu Lea Cheang (CG Visual Effects by E-Male, produced Uplink Co. Tokyo)

Presentation of the videos in colloboration with Moviemento, Linz