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' raster-noton raster-noton

Prix Ars Electronica 2000 prizewinners’ concert, featuring presentations and performances by the artists who collaborated on this project.

20 minutes
2000 years
what is time, a point in time, a leap in time, the future?
a series of cds attempts to formulate this question; 12 individual statements—issued monthly—each adopt a position. making full use of a year’s time span, the zeitgeist manifests itself in electronic music. in 1999, raster-noton. archive of sound and nonsound released 12 compact disks in an industrial, semi-transparent case bearing the logo of a klein bottle, a mathematical construction of an infinite space.

the logo is programmatic; 12 particles—12 x 20 min. signatures—are released into an endless space. magnetic bridges fuse the 12 cases into a self-contained object. this object could be regarded as a manifesto, a contemporary documentation, or simply as the public release of electronic music from the year 1999.

01 komet, frank bretschneider(d)
02 ilpo vaisanen (sf)
03 ryoji ikeda (j)
04 coH, ivan pavlow (rus)
05 byetone, olaf bender (d)
06 senking, jens massel (d)
07 thomas brinkmann (d)
08 scanner, robin rimbaud (uk)
09 noto, carsten nicolai (d)
10 mika vainio (sf)
11 gas, wolfgang voigt (d)
12 elph, john balance and peter christopherson (uk)

released by: raster-noton / concept: carsten nicolai /production: olaf bender, carsten nicolai / design: olaf bender, carsten nicolai und bless (magnetic link system) / product photo: ludger paffrath / info at www.raster-noton.de

The Prix Ars Electronica prizewinners’ concert is a project of Ars Electronica in cooperation with Posthof Linz.