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audio visual quicksand

' Jomasounds Jomasounds

Humanoids and machines meet on street level and in synthetic space. aThe friction attendant to this encounter gives rise to acoustic and electromagnetic events. Action demands reaction at the respective opposite pole to achieve equilibrium of tension. No victors will be crowned! The results of this on-the-spot test are unforeseeable.

Electronic Performers:

Pole / D
Gramm / D
B. Fleischmann / A

Realtime 3D Visuals:
Basicray (Vladimir Muzhesky, Chun-Chi Wang, Raichi Hung) / USA
Crashsite (J├╝rgen Hagler, Andreas Jalsovec, Werner P├Âtzelberger) / A
Martin Bruner / A
Klaus Taschler / A
Nappi / A

audio concept: jomasounds.firstfloor.org
visual concept: dietmar offenhuber