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Gerfried Stocker / Christine Schöpf
Ars Electronica 2000—NEXT SEX


Gerfried Stocker
The Pencil of Nature II

Robin Baker
Sex in the Future: Ancient Urges Meet Future Technology

Carl Djerassi
Sex and Fertilization: Ready for Divorce?

Nobuya Unno
Development of an Artificial Placenta

Jens Reich
Sexuality and Procreation as a Technical Construction

Bruce Bagemihl
Beastly Homosexualities. Future Histories of Nonreproductive Sex and Technology

Randy Thornhill / Craig T. Palmer
The Evolutionary Biology of Rape

Xin Mao
Sex and Reproduction: A Cross-Cultural View

Veena Gowda
Subject: Science Object:Woman

Marie-Luise Angerer
Thinking the Sexual

Joanne Finkelstein
Procreation—Life and Death

Monika Treut

Stahl Stenslie
Terminal Sex Future Sex as Art Practice

Joe Davis
Romance, Supercodes, and the Milky Way DNA

NEXT SEX Projects

Joe Davis / Katie Egan
Artistic Molecules

Oron Catts / Ionat Zurr / Guy Ben-Ary
Tissue Culture & Art(ificial) Wombs

Marta de Menezes

Natacha Merrit
Digital Diary

Dieter Huber / Heimo Ranzenbacher

Kaucyila Brooke
Tit for Twat

science education team
Sex i(n) motion

Rajendra Roy & Anie Stanley (curators)
Oculation: Rogue Emissions in the Dark

Social Club at Next Sex Nights

Istvan Kantor
INTERCOURSE. interactive transmission machinery in progress

Hubert Lepka
hearing monkeys. a theatrical human genome project

Klaus Obermaier / Chris Haring
D.A.V.E. digital amplified video engine

Events & Performances

Time’s Up

Active Score Music Golan Levin

Masaki Fujihata/ Kiyoshi Furukawa / Wolfgang Münch
Notes on Small Fish

Wolfgang Fadi Dorninger
Ridin’ a Train

20’ to 2000

audio visual quicksand

Alexander Balanescu / To Rococo Rot / Isabella Bordoni / Siegfried Ganhör / Rupert Huber / Sergio Messina
OMV Klangpark


Gerfried Stocker / Heimo Ranzenbacher
Emerging Creativity. From the experimental array openX to electrolobby

Tina Cassani / Bruno Beusch (TNC Network)
openX-electrolobby (the top level domain of life)

Free Speech

Georg Schöfbänker
The “Internet Generation” and Global Campaigns

Radio FRO
Free Speech Camp

Ars Electronica Center
Print on Screen

Heimo Ranzenbacher
Alforabit. Incidental Notes on the Thematic Exhibition “Print on Screen”

John Maeda
The Five Reactive Books

Casey Raes / Golan Levin

Camille Utterback / Romy Achituv
Text Rain

David Small / Tom White
An Interactive Poetic Garden

Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau
Life Spacies II

Zelko Wiener / Ursula Hentschläger
Zeitgenossen. binary art site

dominoa project group:
Petra Harml-Prinz / Angelika Mittelmann / Renate Plöchl / Ilse Wagner / Anja Westerfrölke

dominoa. The Winnings are the Texts

Kenji Komoto
Letters of BIT


Catherine Ikam
Face à Face. The Interactive Landscape


David Small / Tom White
Talmud Project

Romy Achituv

exonemo (Kensuke Sembo / Yae Akaiwa)

Jason E. Lewis / Alex Weyers
The Active Text Project

Cyberarts 2000

Christine Schöpf
Prix Ars Electronica. Cyberarts 2000