Ars Electronica 1993
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The 8th Day – Ars Electronica 93

'Karl Gerbel Karl Gerbel

Ars Electronica 93 deals with a new branch of science which will decisively change man's life within the next decades: the science of artificial life.

The creation of artificial life is an ancient dream of mankind. From the first alchemists to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein until Terminator II artists and scientists have been involved with the production of artificial matter and artificial life.

The myths of Golem and Frankenstein are becoming scientific reality. With the aid of genetic technology and newly developed computer programs researchers already are successful in producing life-like beings in computers.

Ars Electronica 93 deals with the origins of life, how it has been able to come into being, how it developed and which shapes it will possibly take in the future – by all chances, but by all risks and dangers as well. After seven days of Creation's history now the 8th day begins, the day after …