Ars Electronica 1993
Festival-Program 1993
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'Susanna Morgenstern Susanna Morgenstern

This contribution to Ars Electronica is an interactive computer work which deals with "Genetic Art – Artificial Life". The starting point is the thinking, the thinking space, the imparting of thinking, computer thinking and the linguistic and visual component of terms. A reduction as paradox for expansion and growth. The ambiguity of the word expresses the spatial and the temporal as comparative and imperative. The hereby arising mental-virtual coordination system in its expansion is a metaphor for life, growth, ability of reproduction, complexity and information, and so gets into the context of artificial life. The word is the engine, the media the vehicles. It represents an amount of emptiness, like a mirror, but multiple and though exactly determined. As word a trap, as program similar to a virus, the work provokes ambivalent reactions. The imperative part calls for opposition, the comparative for reaction of orientation. In the program's course the word "further" appears, if this demand is obeyed. When interacting with the computer the reader becomes victim, witness and creator.