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Homage to Kepler

'Shunsuke Mitamura Shunsuke Mitamura

HOMAGE TO KEPLER, 1989. Full-color holographic stereogram synthesized from computer-graphic images, 70x90 mm. The design of this hologram was inspired by the "Cosmic Model" of Johannes Kepler (1571–1630). This embossed hologram was reproduced by Toppan Printing Co. Japan.

"My interest in the universe led me to produce the embossed hologram "Homage to Kepler". The design of this hologram was inspired by Kepler's 'cosmic model', which has something in common with my previous artworks. Though small in scale, my hologram is a replica of Kepler's vast dream. The drawing was generated by computer graphics and then realized as a three-dimensional image using the stereogram method."