Ars Electronica 1990
Festival-Program 1990
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Peter Weibel
Virtual Worlds: The Emperor’s new Bodies

Nick Herbert
Werner Alone has looked on Reality Bare: Proposal for a Really New „New Physics“

Florian Brody, Mario Veitl
ARTificial Intelligence & ARTificial ART

Georg Franck
Virtual Time – Can Subjective Time be Programmed?

Bilwet, Adilkno, Filwis
Cybermedia and the Fatal Attraction of Realities

Vincent Katz
My Reality


Marvin Minsky
The Future Merging of Science, Art, and Psychology

Georg Schwarz
What is Computationsalism?

Warren Robinett
Beiträge des Department of Computer Science der University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Head-mounted Display Project

Ivan E. Sutherland
A Head-Mounted Three Dimensional Display

J.C.Chung, M.R.Harris, F.P.Brooks, H.Fuchs, M.T.Kelley, J.Hughes, M.Ouh-Young, C.Cheung, R.L.Holloway, M.Pique
Exploring Virtual Worlds with Head-mounted Displays

Scott Fisher
Virtual Environments, Personal Simulation & Telepresence

Ron Reisman
A Brief Introduction to the Art of Flight Simulation

Derrick de Kerkhove
Virtual Reality for Collective Cognitive Processing

Jaron Lanier, Morgan Russell
Riding the Giant Worm to Saturn: Post-Symbolic Communication in Virtual Reality. Excerpt from an Interview with Jaron Lanier by Morgan Russell.

Chuck Blanchard, Ann Lasko-Harvill, Lou Ellyn Jones
What’s New in Reality Built for Two

Randal Walser
The Emerging Technology of Cyberspace
Doing it Directly – The Experiental Design

Morgan Russell
VR Everywhere!: Confessions of a Virtual Reality Propagandist

Doro Franck
The Virtual Vampire

William Gibson
Academy Leader

Bruce Sterling
The Future of Cyberspace: Wild Frontier vs. Hyperreal Estate

Mark Pauline
Technology and the Irrational

Andrea Juno
Modern Primitives

David Sheff
The Virtual Realities of Timothy Leary

Brenda Laurel
On Dramatic Interaction

Arthur Kroker
Crash USA

David Dunn, Woody Vasulka
The Theatre of Hybrid Automata
Digital Space: A Research Proposal

Terence McKenna
New Maps of Hyperspace


Scott Fisher
The Electronic Musician. Into New Worlds. Virtual Reality and the Electronic Musician

Eric Gullichsen, Patrice Gelband
World Tool

Eric Gullichsen
Virtual Reality Overview

Vincent John Vincent
The Mandala System

Willem de Ridder
Virtual Reality in the Dark
At least not by me

Jeffrey Shaw
Alice’s Room

FOCUS: MIND Machines

Rudolf Kapellner
Mind, Men, Machine

Ernst Graf
Aesthetics of Pleasant States

MIND CINEMA. Das innere Kino

Zelko Wiener
Everything wants something, even if it wants nothing

Konrad Becker