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'Klaus Hashagen Klaus Hashagen

"TERGON II" (First performance), Radiofonie (1984), 16'30"

"Tergon II" was created in 1983-84. The title includes the expressions "Terra" (Earth, World, Creation, Nature, etc.) and Energy (human spirit, mechanics, technique, science, politics, etc.). Based on the History of Creation in its German translation by the great Jewish philosopher Martin Buber, this composition—part of a larger oeuvre entitled "Creation"—manifests the conflict between Nature and Man. Electronically transformed natural sounds (wind, water, stone, wood, metal, animal sounds, human language, etc.) are structurized and formally worked to a principle of crescendo-decrescendo (in a 3:2 relation). The result is a specific tonality with a definite panorama-location (left-center-right).