Ars Electronica 1984
Festival-Program 1984
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Give + Take

'Waltraud Cooper Waltraud Cooper

Saturday, September 8th, through Friday, September 14th, 1984
Brucknerhaus/ORF-Regional Studios

Waltraut Cooper:
GIB + NIMM is based on an anthropocentrical conception: eventually it is the man with his needs, his relations and contacts to his fellow creatures, who is in the focus of this action. The basic idea is the erection of GIVE + TAKE Stands, where everybody is free to deposit what he wants to give, what he maybe no longer needs, but what could be of interest to somebody else. In addition he can help himself with everything he finds at the stand—without control or surveillance in a non-profitable goods exchange.

At Ars Electronica 84 this exchange is limited to objects from the area of electronics, computers and electrical things.