Festival-Catalog 1992 (Part 01)
Festival-Catalog 1992 (Part 02)
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Festival-Catalog 1992
Endo Nano (Part 01)
Festival-Catalog 1992
Endo Nano (Part 02)
Endo Nano
The World from Within

Ars Electronica '92 "The World from Within" proclaimed a new view of the world characterized by the viewpoint of the observer. The festival reflected the disappearance of reality as we know it as a result of the techno-transformation of our world.
"Endo(physics) & Nano(technology)", two new, radical changes of our world-view, were the centre of attention during a three-day symposium.
The exhibition "The Intrinsic World of the Machine World" presented "Pioneers of Electronic Art".
The common feature of the artistic projects of this festival was the attempt to show that everything science rationally and radically reviews within endophysics has always been inherent in art - the reflection of the world in a work of art, the work of art itself as an interface to the world. Ars Electronica '92 enquired into the realities in which we move and act and tried to present social, scientific and artistic answers and perspectives for the future.
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