Plug-In II: Artistic Aggression


Oumou Sy (SN)
Jay Rutledge (DE)
Iba Ndiaye Diadji (SN)
Andreas Hirsch (AT)
Marcus Neustetter (ZA)

Artistic productivity beyond the realm of cultural folklore has been vigorously and emphatically making its presence felt on the African continent, and is also developing a commercially successful mainstream pop culture.

15.00-15.30 Iba Ndiaye Diadji/Senegal
15.30-15.50 Oumou Sy/Senegal
15.50-16.00 Break
16.00-16.30 Jay Rutledge/D
16.30-17.00 Davis O. Nejo/Nigeria/A
17.00-17.30 Marcus Neustetter, The Trinity Session/South Africa
17.30-18.00 Discussion
Moderation: Andreas Hirsch

Iba Ndiaye Diadji/Senegal. Dakar-based art critic; author of numerous publications on African art, culture, education, and information technology.

Oumou Sy/Senegal. Fashion and costume designer; works at the intersection of art, spectacle and social space; opened the first Internet café in West-Africa, Metissacana.

Jay Rutledge/D. Ethnologist, freelance journalist and expert for African pop music.

Davis Oladeji Nejo/Nigeria/A. Actor, writer and curator; founder of “Cross Cultural Communication”, a non-profit association in Austria to promote African culture, art and way of life.

Marcus Neustetter/South Africa. Director of The Trinity Session; has been involved in international online projects aiming to develop the South African relationship of business, technology and art; currently developing _sanman (Southern African New Media Art Network)..

Andreas Hirsch/A. Does analysis, design and re-engineering of cultural systems. He is working for exhibitions, festivals, shows, cafés and on/offline media environments. He develops concepts, studies, stories and scenarios and works as a consultant.