OMV Klangpark 2000 / Opening
OMV Klangpark 2000 / Opening


Rupert Huber (AT)
Isabella Bordoni (IT)
Sergio Messina (IT)
To Rococo Rot (DE)
Alexander Balanescu (UK)
Siegfried Ganhör (AT)

A concert launches the exploratory artistic journey of Klangpark 2000. New interpretations and reformulations of songs of the legendary Romanian singer Maria Tanase are the point of departure announced by internationally renowned composer and violinist Alexander Balanescu. Featuring an ensemble that includes Isabella Bordoni, Rupert Huber, Sergio Messina, Siegfried Ganhör and To Rococo Rot, the exploration of divergent musical styles and modes of performance will take center stage. Listeners can expect to experience a totally unique tonal atmosphere, which the Donaupark charges with cultural symbolism, engendering a sensorially stunning acoustic space.
This concert marks the beginning of a 57-hour live soundtrack that will be accompanied by daily performances.

Eine Kooperation von / A cooperation of: Ars Electronica Center, Brucknerhaus, ORF.