Active Score Music:
Scribble & Small Fish Tale - The Performance


Golan Levin (US)
Wolfgang Muench (DE)
Kiyoshi Furukawa (JP)
Masaki Fujihata (JP)

The idea of a synaestetic bonding of sound and image is a recurring motif in artistic work; the possibilities currently afforded by computer technology make available fascinating tools with which to implement this idea. Masaki Fujihata and Golan Levin-independent of one another-have confronted this problem and come up with some ingenious solutions. Ars Electronica has invited the two artists to premier their installations and software modules as digital media instruments for a concert performance.
Scribble combines elements of graphical and music software in a dynamic and highly expressive way, and enables this artist/musician quartet to perform orchestrated as well as freely improvised music.
Small Fish Tale - The Performance is actually like an interactive picture that produces music; it is placed into service on this evening as a digital instrument performing in an unusual concert.