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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

CG Town
Eihachiro Nakamae


Born in Japan, works as professor at the Electric Machinery Laboratory of Hiroshima University. Since the 60s he has shown interest in computer graphics and consequently in 1968 started studying this subject. One of his main goals in his work with computer graphics is to simulate real lighting effects with the computer. Some of his works, e. g. "A Visitor on a Foggy Night", "Feast of Light", "Still Life Etude-1" and "Interior Light and Shadow" were shown at SIGGRAPH'S film and video show.
Title of the animation entered for Prix Ars Electronica '87: "CG Town", duration 2'00", Hiroshima 1987.

This work represents lighting effects, especially computer generated headlights, street lamps, natural lighting with clear and cloudy sky and finally the movement of clouds with the change of the weather. The computer animation for "CG Town" was realized at Hiroshima University's Electric Machinery laboratory on a TOSBAC Data System 600/80, CRT-. graphica M-508 and custom made software.