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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Calculated Movements
Larry Cuba

"Each of my films has been made on a different system using a different programming language. A programming language gives you the power to express some ideas, while limiting your ability to express others. I've hit those limits with every language I've used. Most languages designed for art were created by computer scientists, and they reflect their designers' assumptions about what an artist will want. Usually, they involve tactile interaction with the computer - dials, "joy sticks", light pens -which might be more comfortable for a traditional artist to use. These languages are of little use to me, because my work involves the exploration of mathematical and theoretical ideas. I have to develop a language of my own in which to express those ideas -I'm looking for the ultimate computer language, which is a bit like looking for the Holy Grail."

Calculated Movements
A choreographed sequence of graphic events constructed from simple elements combined in a hierarchical structure. The simplest element is a linear figure, like a ribbon, that appears, flies through space and then disappears. The next level in the hierarchy is an animating geometric form composed of multiple copies of a "ribbon" figure shifted in time and space. At this level the copies are spread out into 2-D pattern or shifted out of phase for a follow-the-lead er type effect, or a combination of the two. The highest level is the sequential arrangement of these graphic events into a "score" that defines the composition from beginning to end. Produced on the Datamax UV-1 with the ZGrass graphics language.