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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Sonata per Guitarra Electrica
Gerhard Pakesch

Gerhard Pakesch was born in Graz (Styria) in 1961. As early as in 1970 he made his first composition and in 1975 he produced his first short animated films. In 1981 he started studying percussion at Graz Music Conservatory. Later on he studied electro-acoustical and experimental music with Dieter Kaufmann in Vienna. In 1985 he took up his studies at the Applied Arts College in Vienna.

To me, as both a composer of contemporary music and producer of film and videos, the advance of digital computer technology is an enormous enrichment of creativity. This I think is very distinct, especially in my work "Sonata per Guitarra Electrica Preparata No. I". Here, computer technology allows to merge different media, such as music, dance, fine arts, video and film and thus achieve a common synthesis.