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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

7 objects meet
Akke Wagenaar

'7 objects meet' is an interactive installation in real-time. The graphic output of a real-time program is projected onto a screen by a video projector. The viewer can influence the program and trigger sounds by standing on three pressure plates in front of the screen. In the virtual world of the program seven objects move in accordance with the laws of physics (gravity, elasticity, collision reactions). The virtual camera is always attached to one of the objects and therefore delivers a subjective point of view. When the physical parameters of the objects (elasticity, direction and force of gravity, etc.) are changed, the objects simulate certain behavior patterns. Out of the millions of possible combinations of parameters, eleven were selected that led clearly to groups of behavior patterns. From a standpoint at one of the three pressure plates, the viewer triggers changes in behavior patterns. The program perceives him as one of the objects, connects him with the virtual camera and includes him in its calculations. Starting from the previous positions of the objects relative to each other, the intervention of the viewer gives the objects many different kinds of behavior patterns. This work is an instrument on which the viewer/player can play his own audio-visual games.