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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Hervé Huitric, Monique Nahas

Hervé Huitric and Monique Nabas are professors at the University Paris 8 working in Computer Art and Computer Graphics. Hervé Huitric studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Paris and received an M.S. in computer science. Monique Nahas began her working life as a researcher in high-energy physics, and obtained a doctorate in theoretical physics.

Little Recipe for Indo-Dondaine: Take a body (two legs, some arms, and a bust for a total of five 'B-spline' surfaces well puffed up [H. Huitric, M. Nahas. 'Approach of wisdom using the geometric interpretation of the B-spline show and half-stiff in a vague space.' Ed. R. Bombay, 1984]). Associate eight of those, building a column, for eight is a magic number: seven samourai plus one. 'None will ever call you deserted again, and of earth, none will ever say: desolation.', Isaiah, LXII, III, and IV. With a hundred bodies, stilled in their movement, shape a vault. (A. Popeye, B. Pompei. 'Simultaneous diffusion of raccoons and of neutrinos.' Ed. Spinach, Fiesole e Kitokuyshu, 1515.) Let the legs wave freely. Movement above all, and for this evoke several sequences always vaguer and more soluble in air, awake the warm lights and the splendour of the colors. Sprinkle the whole with some faces, a nude, some salt, and four pounds of Sanskrit. About the end: forget it! because: ... (No you are not dreaming- this is really an interactive excuse!!!)

Technical Background

HW: Apollo
SW: Home Made