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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

D'Invenzione #04
Ronaldo Kiel

I like to call 'D'lnvenzione' a 'soft-media' piece - a computer-generated art idea to be outputted in any suitable medium - presented here in print and on video.
'D'lnvenzione' stages the paradox of an endless man-made construction employing an audio/visual loop. The audio was generated by using the Shepard-tone scale (named for psychologist Roger Shepard), and the images were based on Giovanni Battista Piranesi's (1720-1778) 'Le Carceri' prints. All renderings were created using synthetic lights and lenses to shoot the 3D model mapped with textures (an imaginary architectural structure).

The graphic output: A series of 10 prints were rendered in Electric Image Animation System as 32 bit (2048 x 1366 pixels) images and saved as 10" x 6.67" CMYK files at 300 pixels per inch resolution in Adobe Photoshop. All files were printed as 13.5" x 20" on a Iris Ink Jet printer between March and November 1993.
The video output: the preliminary recordings were performed on the Panasonic AG-7750 SVHS deck with the AG-F700 time code reader generator card, using the True Vision NuVista + frame buffer/encoder and the DQ-Animaq DiaQuest frame controller. The 90-second animation loop was rendered over a period of 20 days on a Macintosh IIci computer (with 8 MB RAM) in a 640 x 480 frame format at NTSC 30 frames/second rate.(Ronaldo Kiel)