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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

red hat yellow bile
Stewart McSherry

I am involved with creating imagery consisting of abstract three-dimensional structures usually with varying translucency — in appearance seeming to be related to glass sculpture. Silica→ Silicon→ Silica, an interesting cycle.

I use fairly advanced techniques in an attempt to achieve a sort of photo-realistic abstraction, that is, 'computer abstract realism', a state whereby an abstract, and physically nonexistent, computer image appears real. It is towards this goal that I strive, for I find this the most fertile target, the gulf between abstraction and realism that computers seem destined to increasingly shorten.
My work is related to sculpture, in that I interactively model the forms I am trying to visualize, and apply procedural shaders to modify and manipulate these. I prefer this approach to 'pure' programming, as for me, at least, it allows more control over form.(Stewart McSherry)