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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Adelhard Roidinger, Anna Gabriele Wagner

Our artistic collaboration is based on a creative exploration of morphological relationships. First, photography provides us with macroscopic scenarios of the 'real' in animate and inanimate nature: minerals, crystallisations, leaves, flow forms and objets trouvés. For the production of these photographs we use our own specially developed dark field macrophoto-graphy equipment.

As a next step we manipulate and compose these images in the computer in multiple layers, using computing as an artistic language and a means of discovery, rather than a production tool. This shows that there is more to an organic structure than what immediately meets the eye. We reveal invisible - but inherent - hidden layers of images from the 'real world'. We search for similarities in different dimensions and compare similar structures by using image processing techniques. Through adding and subtracting pixel values from two or more different images or applying algorithms on those values, we literally discover the unseen virtual beauty. In an additional step the emerging new images are distorted through continuous transformation of the coordinates. This procedure leads us to a step by step linking of overlapping fields of relation and to a morphology of multidimensionali. (Anna Gabriele Wagner/Adelhard Roidinger)