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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Tableau d'Amour

Tableau d'amour opens on a grey, desert-like landscape with an overlay of yellow grid lines. The final tableau displays a rich design of organic matter and reveals a module of labyrinthian body structures. Between those two sequences, a love story has unraveled.

This transition comprises nine scenes leading through nine separate incarnations which are also nine erotic poses or sentimental variations. Nine loves, one single love.
A man and a woman, defined with body frames retrieved from the corpus of Western painting, are shown in constant mutation, interactive and otherwise, reminiscent of two fish mating above a landscape. Suddenly, their entities strike out some erotic pose.
This infrastructure includes a viewing device which is concretized by the presence of a viewfinder and eyes peering through various landscape ports. The viewing device forces a dual development. On one hand, the lovers are frozen cut-outs which will be used as modules for future labyrinthian body structures. On the other hand, both characters are transformed into objects with indelible earth connotations which will be integrated to the color spotted final tableau.» (Bériou )