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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Gas Planet
Michael Collery, Eric Darnell

From the computer screens of Sunnyvale based computer animation/special effects studio, Pacific Data Images (PDI) to the film screen of local art house cinemas and international film festivals to television screens tuned into public tv and MTV, earthling audiences worldwide have had the opportunity to take a look into an alien, yet comically familiar place. 'Gas Planet', filled with pastel colored, long snouted, balloon-like creatures ingesting a strange plant life which produces effects similar to those of bean eating earthlings, is the product of filmmaker Eric Darnell.

Animator Michael Collery, who served as the Art/Technical Director on the film, developed custom software to achieve the effects animation and also worked with Eric to achieve the hand-drawn look of the piece. Experimenting with a variety of image processing techniques, Michael developed a look which reflected the organic qualities of hand-drawn imagery while maintaining the three-dimensional advantages available through computer animation.» (Eric Darnell/Michael Collery)