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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Kinetische Lichtplastik
Rüdiger Kramm, Christian Möller

As dusk falls, the street lights of Frankfurt switch on, and so does the 'Kinetic Light Sculpture' in the Frankfurt Zeilgalerie. It visualises the everyday but invisible phenomena of the street, the instantaneous weather and sound level in the Zeil.

A weather station on the roof of the building acts as a wind, temperature and precipitation sensor. A computer system controls and portrays these data in weather currents shimmering in blue and yellow: the momentary temperature determines the amount of yellow areas on the blue background, and the wind and rain readings cause the distribution of the yellow areas across the surface. This momentary situation report on the street completes the pixel wall in the upper area of the facade. With a line image pulsing like lightning, the wall registers and illustrates the individual sound readings from nocturnal pedestrians until the dawn. By day the pixel wall acts as a large-format information exchange, displaying headlines and a calendar of events.
(Christian Möller/Rüdiger Kramm)