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Prix 1987 - 2007

ORF Oberösterreich

Paul Koonce

'Hothouse' (1992) was created on the NeXT workstation using a variety of instrumental and environmental sound libraries processed with the sound-synthesis language CMUSIC.
In composing 'Hothouse', I was interested in evoking the unfolding experience of walking through the exotic confines of a hothouse with its rich collection of flora conspicuously removed from the environs and orders of the wild to the unlikely habitats and neighbors of the steamy hothouse interior.

Now distanced from the humid experience of composing the work, with its crowded enclaves and spreading canopies, I am struck by its overriding quality of transition which leads the ear past different worlds of sound on little else than a thread of discovery. 'Hothouse' was supported by a composer fellowship from the McKnight Foundation. (Paul Koonce)